City View Curling Club

The City View Curling club ( in my hometown of Ottawa is looking to build a new facility on it’s property. Using my experience in land development I drew up a concept for a new club on the site…I attached the plans so you can take a look! The biggest thing I wanted to do was … Continue reading

Looking for Home in Hong Kong

Home. Much more than a roof over our heads, it is integral to so much in our life and our identity. Much as the world has many perspectives on just about any issue, so too is the case when it comes to the definition of the ideal home. Leaving my home behind, I was lucky enough to experience this on a recent exchange … Continue reading

HSR in Canada – The Winningest West?

Is there a light at the end of the rails for high speed rail in Canada? Large-scale transport infrastructural projects are defining legacy projects in any country. They shape regional and local connectivity with outlying markets while aiding in supporting the competitiveness of the area. In an increasingly global marketplace, the need for connectivity to … Continue reading

Waterloo LRT

Snapsort‘s LRT for Dummies Infographic Think this will actually happen?

A New Direction for Canadian Housing?

How the Home Ownership Dream has Changed is a very important question these days. With condos all the rage and Toronto’s designation as the Condo Capital of North America, a whole host of new questions emerge – is today’s younger generation’s penchant for high-rise living sustainable? Not necessarily in the environmental sense, but from a … Continue reading